Say Goodbye to Bubble Wrap Fun

In an announcement that shocked many, the makers of the original bubble wrap have announced that they are producing a new, nonpoppable version. The new product is definitely better for manufacturers and online businesses, but for the millions of people who love to pop their packing materials, the announcement is a bit of a blow. However, if you personally use packing materials in your business, you should investigate the new stuff even if your heart is breaking a little.

Unsure Of What Type Dining Room Furniture To Purchase? Try Adding A Little Color!

If you're shopping for dining room furniture for the first time, you might think that traditional wood furniture with the padded seat is the way to go. However, these days more colors are being added to dining rooms to create a better experience for the eyes. If you take the time to find what you're looking for, you can create the dining room of your dreams and show off your inner-designer skills as well.

Give Your Used Patio Furinture An Updated Look In Just One Day

Patio furniture can be a bit expensive, but if you are able to find a few pieces with just cosmetics issues, you can give them a makeover to make them as good as new with a bit of elbow grease. Many patio furniture sets are well made and able to stand up to general wear and tear for many years. Update a set of used patio furniture quickly and easily with the following guide.

Reupholstering A Chair: Five Great Effects To Try

Reupholstering can take an old piece of furniture from "no" to "woah." Old, worn chairs and couches can look brand new after reupholstering, and boring furniture can become the perfect addition to your home decor. Whether you'll be doing it yourself or seeking the help of a professional, the possibilities for different patterns, designs and effects are nearly limitless. If you've found a chair with the perfect "bones" but old and worn upholstery, here are six effects you can try to bring it back to life.

Shopping for Your New Home: Making Your Space Uniquely "You"

You are ready to decorate your new space. Maybe it's your first home, or maybe you're starting over somewhere new, but you've got a blank canvas living space and you're ready to put your decorative stamp in it. The problem is, as much fun as that sounds, it can also be overwhelming. Where do you begin? How do you start to piece together a new home that is beautifully, perfectly, "